Obits & Tributes

Lesley Keith

The ILMC lost a valued team-member in April, with the tragic death of Lesley Keith, Guest Relations Manager at the Royal Garden Hotel for the past 5 years.  

Erik Thomsen

The live music industry lost another of its major figures, with the sad death of Erik Thomsen on May 20th, 2006.

Franco Mamone

Franco Mamone - one of the originators of concert promoting in Italy and perhaps the leading figure in that market throughout the last three decades - died in Milan on July 3rd.

Nikos Sachpasidis (1952-1997)

To make it clear from the start, this is not going to be some sort of highly objective piece of analytical journalism. Nikos was a friend. In as much as business relationships can ever cross that barrier into emotional attachments, I loved him.