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ILMC production meeting
ILMC production meeting
ILMC production meeting
ILMC production meeting
ILMC production meeting
Photos: Sytske Kamstra www.BySytske.com
The ILMC Production Meeting (IPM) started life in 2007 as a focused roundtable meeting between invited production professionals. The International Live Music Conference (ILMC) has had a long history with the production world. The Production Services Association (PSA) was formed by a group of ILMC production delegates, and the IPM itself stemmed from a regular conference meeting, The Engine Room, which ran for many years.

A daughter event to the main International Live Music Conference, IPM has since grown to encompass over 150 of the world’s top production managers, sound and lighting engineers, venue personnel, suppliers and promoters' representatives. Delegates attend from as far afield as Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

The one-day event, which takes place the day before ILMC, features a series of dedicated panels (all with a firm international focus), a networking lunch and closing drinks. Open dialogue from across the production world is actively encouraged, and the vast majority of delegates are present in all of the meetings.

Over the past few editions, topics have included fatigue, green issues, construction and design management, health & safety, inclement weather, education and international touring.

The philosophy that drives IPM is that there is always room for improvement, for which communication is a key driver. In short, IPM and its delegates want every audience member, artist, rigger, promoter’s assistant, etc., to have both a great event, and to get home safely afterwards. 

ILMC members wishing to attend IPM register when signing up for the main conference, while non-ILMC delegates register separately.  

The next IPM will be held on Tuesday 7 March 2017 at the Royal Garden Hotel in London. 
More information about IPM 2017 registration will be available here from November 2016.
The full review of IPM 2016 is available here.   

The IPM 2017 media pack is available here.