E3S 2019 Closing Remarks

Towards the end of E3S, and just before the European Arena Association kindly splurge on drinks for all delegates, the E3S Closing Remarks round off the day’s conference…

Mark Hamilton, Hybrid International (UK)

17:00 – 17:30

Summarising the key themes and talking points from the day, this year’s E3S Closing Remarks will be conducted by Mark Hamilton, the 40-year veteran of safety, security, and crowd management worldwide.

Having led security operations during the London 2012 Olympics, at Wimbledon, Live 8, Royal Ascot, V Festival, Edinburgh Hogmanay, Formula 1 and as the current Director of Security for Sir Paul McCartney, Mark’s résumé is a who’s who of global live events. So as one of the most respected experts in the live event space, Mark is perfectly-placed to draw conclusions from the day, and identify future aims and objectives for the industry moving forward.

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